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Thursday, June 22, 2006

word nerd

So, if I haven’t already mentioned it, I am a copywriter/proofreader by trade. That means that a large part of my job description is to be anal. I wish to offend no one, however, who may be as anal as I, that may notice the little inconsistencies (or even big mistakes) in grammar, punctuation, etc. in these posts. The reason for the inconsistencies is two-fold:

1. I work on a mac at home and the blog formatting is different. There are no italics, bolds, hyperlinks, etc. available when you post from a mac (or, I am such a no-tech-moronic that these things do exist, but I can’t figure out where). If you see such embellishments, you know that I am not doing what I should be at work. Although, I might just post at home and embellish at the office, wasting a minimal amount of time.

2. This is where I get to leave my analness behind (ha ha!). As a lover and user of the english language, I am part purist, part evolutionist. I believe language, its use and its rules can and should evolve. I look at lots of things that way – language, religion, relationships, growing up. Know the rules and then you can break them.

Just wanted to clear that up.

So, on a different note, I just wanted to say that as difficult, complicated and emotional as going back to work has been at times, one thing that I have absolutely loved is the time spent reading on the subway journey to/from work. I am an absolutely voracious reader, always have been, but did very little of it during the first year of bumbebee’s life (unless of course, there were rhymes, flaps, fuzzy paws, things that beeped, things that honked, things that said moo, happy mooses or grumpy gooses involved). I was too busy, too tired, too distracted, too dumb, and too mothered-up to do much reading. But I am back, baby!

Here’s the list of books that I have read in the last seven weeks (yes, I keep track. Something an anal person would do):

· Julie & Julia – Julie Powell (a fellow blogger – represent)

· The Birth House – Ami McKay (so, so, so good. Made me love my midwife even more)

· Swing Low: A Life – Miriam Toews (so, so, so good. Made me love my dad even more)

· Alligator – Lisa Moore (also the moniker of a great friend that I love. Book’s great too)

· White Teeth – Zadie Smith (finally, someone who rambles more than I do.)

· Fall On Your Knees – Ann-Marie MacDonald (my favorite book of all time; reading it again)

I absolutely recommend all of these books. As you can see, I read mostly contemporary Canadian women authors, but that is by no means exclusive. I just seem to go in waves when it comes to authors. Also, I was lucky to get all the books on my list as presents this holiday/birthday season, so I am catching up.

Let me know what you are reading.

p.s. – nice air conditioning guy came this morning. It is fixed – filter needed to be changed. We are chumps.


  • At 10:10 PM, Blogger metro mama said…

    Hooray for the AC!

    Right now I'm reading a boring textbook. I'm envious of this reading list.

  • At 11:17 PM, Blogger bubandpie said…

    Oooh - I was just looking at The Birth House and wondering if I should buy it. I sense a trip to Chapters coming on...

  • At 1:36 AM, Blogger KILROY_60 said…

    A copywriter/proofreader by trade...I should likely rescind that offer to visit Fear And Loathing In The Blogosphere. I'm afraid that proofreading is not a high priority when I am posting and writing emails is not much better. Of course, which I would never seek to copy him, that could well be in the spirit of The Good Doctor.

    I wonder now and again - and a time or two after that - about posting reading lists and such. But then, it could help as I am likely to forget what

    ......hmmmmmmm forgot what I was saying. My CRS is getting bad tonight (Can't Remember Shit)

    There was a comment from you about blogging becoming the new Gonzo journalism in providing an opportunity for sharing points of view. Something I've just started doing, which I've seen elsewhere, is responding to comments which have been left. It seems the question is whether the person will ever return to see the response. Perhaps after all will. :-)

  • At 10:32 AM, Blogger penelopeto said…

    Kilroy - trust me, I do. Oh, and except for making fun of the odd billboard or two, I try to leave my super-anal grammar nazi tendencies at work. proof positive right here, my friend.


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